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Accident or Illness at School

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Emergency Information

  1. An Emergency Contact Form must be on file for every student on campus.  Please complete an updated Emergency Contact Form every school year and whenever there is a change of the information.  Include as many different phone numbers as possible where you can be reached (i.e., home, work, cell phone, etc.)  
  2. If students are temporarily being cared for by any person other than his/her parent or legally appointed guardian, please advise the school for emergency purposes.  Someone must be available to pick up your child if s/he needs to be sent home from school for illness, injury, or disciplinary reasons.  We cannot release a student from school to someone who is not listed as an emergency contact. 
  3. Parents will be notified immediately if their children are involved in any type of emergency situation.  If there is a doubt as to the seriousness, you will be notified.  In emergency situations (illness, disaster, etc.), whenever parents cannot be notified, the school will call emergency contacts as indicated on emergency cards.  This procedure makes it of utmost importance that we have emergency numbers where you may be reached.  PLEASE KEEP US UP TO DATE.