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Dress Code

Dress for Success
At Diamond Point, we know that a child's attitude and conduct can be affected by how he/she is dressed. We expect our students to "present themselves in a manner conducive to the advancement of education." (PUSD School Board Policy 5132) As a general guide to dress, any type of clothing that is unsafe, distracting, or impeding to the educational program should not be worn. Clothing, shoes, and accessories that interfere with physical activity or the academic setting should not be worn. Here are some questions to think about when dressing for success! 
Are you dressed RESPECTFULLY? All clothing should promote a sense of pride toward self, school, and society. No inappropriate, obscene, gang related, or offensive content.
Are your clothes providing enough COVERAGE? Shorts/skirts/dresses must be mid thigh or longer. Shirts/dresses must cover the shoulder and undergarments. No spaghetti straps, tank/racer back tops, sheer material that reveals skin, saggy pants, etc.
Are your shoes SAFE? Tennis shoes or rubber soles are recommended. No flip-flops, high heels, wedges, sandals, backless shoes, wheelies, slippery/soft soles, metal tips, etc.
Do your accessories DISTRACT you or peers from learning? Accessories should not be noisy, too flashy, or be unsafe in or out of class. No earrings below the lobes, dangling wallets/key chains, studded bracelets/belts, etc.
Are you dressed APPROPRIATELY for your age? Dress as a student! No make-up, bright colored hair, very tight clothing, low cut necklines, etc.
Are you in COMPLIANCE with PUSD's NO hat/cap policy? With appropriate medical documentation, students may wear head covering for sun protection.