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Mornings can be hectic and afternoons can be chaotic, but NOTHING is as important as the safety or the lives of our children! Let’s work together and all follow these safety standards.
1.  Plan and discuss a safe arrival/dismissal procedure with your family. Let your child know who will be picking them up and where.
2.  Always use the sidewalks and crosswalks. Not only are we concerned about your safety, but we don’t want you to get a ticket either!
3.  Obey all traffic laws and rules of the road. The speed limit is 25 mph in School Zones. There are NO U-turns on Sunset Crossing Road.
4.  Reserve the new parking lot for staff.  All parking spaces in the staff lot are assigned for staff members. Parking spaces that are facing Sunset Crossing Road are for visitors. 
5.  Stay in your vehicle while in the loading zone. NEVER exit your car while dropping off/picking up in this lane. If you need to exit your car, please park in the visitor parking lot or on a side street, such as Del Sol.
6.  Allow students to exit on the passenger side of your car when in the loading zone. When a child exits on the driver’s side, they are in great danger. If you have child locks, car seats, or other obstacles that prevent your child to exit on the passenger side, then do not use the loading zone lane.
7.  Keep the bus loading zone free. We have buses that transport students. We must provide a designated, safe drop off/pick up area for the buses. Do NOT drive or park in the bus loading zone.
8.  Know our school hours. Students may arrive at 7:40 am Monday through Thursday and at 8:40 am on Friday. All students must be picked up by 3:05 pm. Younger students can wait for their older siblings from Diamond Point in front of the school. On early dismissal days, all students must be picked up by 1:35 pm.
9.  Be respectful and considerate to crossing guards, staff, and other drivers. We all have the same goal of keeping our kids safe. Our children are counting on us to be role models. When we do not follow rules, it sends a mixed message. Let’s teach them to be great pedestrians, drivers, and citizens!
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