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Volunteering at Diamond Point

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At Diamond Point, we value our volunteers! If you are interested in volunteering, please speak to your child's teacher first. Then, stop by our school office to pick up a Volunteer Application. This needs to be done on an ANNUAL basis. Many of the steps take several weeks to process at the district level, so it's best if it's done early in the school year. Here are some ways to volunteer: helping on your child's Library or Media Center days, xeroxing papers, cutting/stapling, working with small groups of children with the teacher's supervision, helping a child read, and going on field trips!


Pomona Unified School District Parent Participant Policy:

(You may pick up a copy of this policy in our office.)



A volunteer is a person, 18 years or older, who receives no monetary compensation from the school district. A volunteer might be a parent, district employee, or community member. Volunteer Participation: Background Checks in order to provide students with a safe environment and allow for a variety of opportunities for volunteering.  Please see below for the Volunteer Participation requirements for the Pomona Unified School District. Prior to commencing services, volunteers will be subject to background checks and fingerprinting clearances as indicated below.



Parent Participants: Classroom--on site volunteers serving on campus, and may have occasional contact with students only under direct supervision by certificated staff on campus. Parents/Guardians who are interested in volunteering as parent participants, may contact the office to complete an application before volunteering can be approved.


Parent Volunteers: Parent volunteers for classroom, fieldtrips, and who may supervise students for overnight events and on FIELD TRIPS for pre-scheduled, frequent and/or prolonged contact with students for events and on field trips or excursions as parent volunteers. Volunteers for overnight field trips must be 21 years of age. Prior to commencing services this level of volunteer is required to: a. Submit completed application each school year, a clear Tuberculosis test, and a California Driver's License or California Identification Card to the Principal and/or designee who will forward to the Risk Management Office for processing and clearance through School Security. b. The applicant will undergo a background check and be fingerprinted through the District's Livescan for submission to the State of California, Department of Justice for clearance. This process takes approximately three weeks.  Once this process is approved, parent volunteers need only to renew their parent volunteer status annually by completing a Renewal application.  Participation Volunteers for the PUSD shall be encouraged to participate and contribute in various manners: Site Support, Classroom Support, Special Events, Field Trips, and Excursions. Prior to commencing services, volunteers are subject to background checks and fingerprinting clearances as appropriate. Supervision of Volunteers:  The Principal or designee shall be responsible for ensuring that all volunteers have appropriate supervision by certificated staff. Volunteers who work with students shall be under the immediate supervision of certificated employees at all times and shall not be alone with students at any time. Thank you in advance for your time, interest, and support of our students and programs.